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Our Community Pantry is now open! 

To help elevate food poverty in the capital, we have opened up our first food pantry for all the community that are struggling with the cost-of-living. 

The Pantry is currently open Thursday 12pm -3.30pm and Fridays 10am-3pm. We hope you introduce more days in the coming months. 

Membership is £10.00 per year, this needs to be made to be issued your membership number. Once you have this you can attend site once a week and fill a basket of cupboard essentials and as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you wish. The cost per visit is £8.00 for a standard shop or £10.00 for a premium shop. Premium shop includes everything in the standard shop as well as access to the premium shelves that hold branded goods and treats. 

We can take cash and card! Please bring your own carrier pages. 

If you wish to donate any food for this service please contact the team via email 

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