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Christmas Appeal: Event

For thousands of families throughout  London and Essex the festive period bring stress, worry and desperation instead of excitement, joy and magic.


​The cost-of-living crisis on top of previous financial hardship means many children will not receive anything from Santa.


The shoeboxes full of gifts may be the ONLY present their receive this year! Though years of working alongside 26 families hostels across Essex and the Capital we have built a robust donation system. Every year we are provided with the exact number of children and their age groups in each hostel. This data allows us to provide the right amount of age appropriate presents to each site.


Every year the numbers of children in our hostels grow, as a because of this we are always in need of the donations from our community to fulfil this Christmas miracle.  ​​We are only able to accept presents that are new with tags/ in original packaging. As this is potentially their only gift this year we ask for a box to be filled with good quality presents that they will be proud to show to their friends in the playground. ​The cost of transporting the presents has grown substantially this year.


Therefore we have had to make the hard decision to only request shoebox gift and no larger presents. As much as these gifts are wonderful and would bring delight to children, bulky presents are harder to pack and take more space in the vans. We aim to provide eco-friendly collection/ delivery services so want to pack the vans as well as possible with the pallets of  filled shoeboxes received. ​We are always client led and have had a consultation with residents across a number of our hostels, as a result this year we have altered the age brackets of the presents to the below;​



  • 0-2

  • 3-6

  • 6-12

  • 13-16

  • 17-18 ​​


If you wish to organize a group donation through your work place, education facility or family group please contact the team for promotional posters and flyer. Below is a downloadable sign up sheet that will need to be completed and returned to the office team. ​​ ​​ Sponsor a box, and we can purchase items required (Babies/Primary School Ages £20.00/ Senior £25.00 per box)​Share our Social media posts, this is FREE and Easy and will help us reach as many people as we can.  Contact the team to find out if there is a site close to you.  ​​​You can also donate funds for this appeal via our PayPal Charity Donation Platform. 



  • Wear

  • Eat 

  • Play With 

  • Create 

  • Read 

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