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SM.I.L.E London & Essex

Proud to be working closely with


S.M.I.L.E stands for SUPPORT, MOTIVATE, INVEST, LEAD and Evolve.

We are keen believers that support should come from the community and community led projects.


We support 26 family hostels throughout the 2 counties with targeted appeals as well as general clothing and toiletries. With thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund we have been able to invest in our Welcome Home project where we provide essential household items to improve the transition when clients move from Hostel to Home.

As well as hostels, we work with multiple referee agencies such as Social Services, Peabody, Refugee Council, Hestia, RAMFEL and many others. With our cross-referring policy, we are able to provide a wraparound service for our clients who are in need.

How to find us:

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