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New wrap around services for our clients

As you are aware, The National Lottery Community Fund have assisted our Charity with a further grant to help provide even more support to the Community during the current Covid-19 crisis.

This extra funding allows us to put services in place that will benefit struggling families even more. It will also allow us to help those families that have recently found themselves in financial crisis, even if only for a temporary duration.

Our plans to support these families with this extra funding is:

  • Provide Aldi shopping voucher - A set amount provided for families, increasing dependent on family size. This will allow families to buy a essential food shop.

  • Provide gas and electric top up vouchers - A set amount provided for families. This will make emergency top up to bother prepayment gas and electric meters via prepaid vouchers.

  • Provide internet connection for one month - A one month connection to wifi hotspot. This will allow families connection to the outside world and help children with homework.

  • Logistic support - Provide transport to families moving from hostels into their first homes.

As you can see, these will benefit our clients in a huge way. We have already started rolling out this support. If you feel this is something you could benefit from, please contact our team on

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Tel: 07415141437


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